iOS Essentials

I curated the very best apps for my usage profile - this time iOS

Made a similar list for Android a few years back and while I don’t plan to leave iOS I still like to share my favorite apps. When I don’t specificaly name e.g. a Mail App this means I use the included App from Apple.

To Do
Until Superlist releases, To Do from Microsoft is still the closest to Wunderlist, that I miss so much.

I almost exclusively list to DJ Sets so this is the right fit for me. I only wish they would provide CarPlay integration…

Clean RSS Reader that syncs across iOS Devices and does the job, so I’m willing to spend a few Euros every year or so for the newest version.

Switched to a subscription model now but I love this beautiful app and being able to consume Tweets chronologily and without ads.

At just under 10 Mbyte it provides exactly what I need and no bloat. 2FA Authenticator might have the lead when it comes to design though.

I don’t really need this but I’m fascinated that this is possible. The Delta App from the same developer is waiting to start Pokemon when I’m really bored.

I hate subscribtions but using Microsoft 365 and having access to the most current Office apps on my computer plus the cloudstorage for me and my girlfriend for just 50€ or so per year is a nobrainer

Started using it when I stored my password safe in my NAS, but still does the job now that I switch to SASS cloudstorage.

A client that can be used on every platform, looks great and does the jobs since many years? Simplenote is here to stay.

CARROT Weather
While the main USP of the wheater app is the cocky “AI”, I just like the widgets and the occasional in depth wheater forecast. Can also be used with Shortcuts.

I don’t really game on my phone, but when I do then it’s this one or Doom

Unbelivable that this is not part of iOS after 14 years, an absolute must.

When it comes to Adblocking, iOS is ahead of Android in my opinion. 1Blocker ist the best one available I think

Two more apps that aren’t essentional, but that I use on my iPad:

Great free Reddit client. I spent way to much time in this app…

Files App but supercharged, that way i can use WebDav connections